Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Star Trek Beyond posters

This is a collection of all the official posters for the 2016 nuTrek movie Star Trek Beyond.

The main US poster features the USS Enterprise souring through clouds, with the title omitting Star Trek. This appears to be an homage to the 1978 Superman movie poster, and has been seen in at least two variants, with different crops. Variations of the image are also widely used in social and other media for the film.

The international poster features a variety of characters from the film, as well as the Enterprise and Kirk on his motorbike. A Spock only variant of the artwork has also been used.

South Korea got their own distinct posters, featuring the main cast and big locations behind them:

And there was also an IMAX poster:

Individual character posters feature each of the main characters, partly obscured by the swarm ships from the film, which fly over a patch of light in the Starfleet delta shape. Each poster is coloured according to the character's uniform.

A further poster was initially given away to attendees of the Star Trek Beyond fan event which launched the second trailer for the film, and has later appeared (without the san event tag) elsewhere. This is an overt homage to the poster for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

A motion poster version of this has also been released:

Two further character posters featured Jaylah:

A further three posters designs, released in a total of eight different variants, were released as giveaways over the opening weekend:

Another poster variant, which combines elements of both of the main posters, was given away at Regal Cinemas:

Here's a billboard version of the main poster:

A free standing version of the international poster:

A mural version of that poster in London:

And posters on buses:

Powell Street Station in San Francisco covered in posters:

Site specific variations of the character and main posters were seen at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival:

Basic posters featuring images from the film were used at earlier trade events:

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