Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bantam's novelizations by James Blish (first editions)

In 1967 Bantam Books published the first ever Star Trek book, Star Trek, by James Blish, an anthology of TOS episode adaptations. In the years to follow Blish adapted the rest of the episodes; producing a total of twelve books. The final book was co-authored by L.A. Lawrence, who then wrote one more novelization; Mudd's Angels, which contained adaptations of both Harry Mudd episodes plus a new original story. The first book in the Blish series was, in later reprints, re-titled Star Trek 1, conforming to the numbered titles of the rest of the series. This article is a listing of the twelve Blish adaptations, showcasing their first edition covers:

Star Trek
  • Published: January 1967.
  • Cover artist: James Bama.
  • Contents: Charlie's Law (Charlie X), Dagger of the Mind, The Unreal McCoy (The Man Trap), Balance of Terror, The Naked Time, Miri, The Conscience of the King.

Star Trek 2
  • Published: February 1968.
  • Cover: Photomontage.
  • Contents: Arena, A Taste of Armageddon, Tomorrow Is Yesterday, Errand of Mercy, Court Martial, Operation -- Annihilate!, The City on the Edge of Forever, Space Seed.

Star Trek 3
  • Published: April 1969.
  • Cover: Photomontage.
  • Contents: The Trouble With Tribbles, The Last Gunfight (Spectre of the Gun), The Doomsday Machine, Assignment: Earth, Mirror, Mirror, Friday's Child, Amok Time.

Star Trek 4
  • Published: July 1971.
  • Cover artist: Lou Feck.
  • Contents: A Piece of the Action, All Our Yesterdays, The Enterprise Incident, The Menagerie, Journey to Babel, The Devil in the Dark.

Star Trek 5
  • Published: February 1972.
  • Cover artist: Mitchell Hooks, signed M. Hooks.
  • Contents: Whom Gods Destroy, The Tholian Web, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, This Side of Paradise, Turnabout Intruder, Requiem for Methuselah, The Way to Eden.

Star Trek 6
  • Published: April 1972.
  • Cover artist: Lou Feck.
  • Contents: The Savage Curtain, The Lights of Zetar, The Apple, By Any Other Name, The Cloud Minders, The Mark of Gideon.

Star Trek 7
  • Published: July 1972.
  • Cover artist: Signed CHB
  • Contents: Who Mourns for Adonais?, The Changeling, The Paradise Syndrome, Metamorphosis, The Deadly Years, Elaan of Troyius.

Star Trek 8
  • Published: November 1972.
  • Cover artist: Lou Feck.
  • Contents: Spock's Brain, The Enemy Within, Catspaw, Where No Man Has Gone Before, Wolf in the Fold, For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky.

Star Trek 9
  • Published: August 1973.
  • Cover artist: Eddie Jones.
  • Contents: Return to Tomorrow, The Ultimate Computer, That Which Survives, Obsession, The Return of the Archons, The Immunity Syndrome.

Star Trek 10
  • Published: February 1974.
  • Cover artist: Eddie Jones, signed as S. Fantoni.
  • Contents: The Alternative Factor, The Empath, The Galileo Seven, Is There in Truth No Beauty?, A Private Little War, The Omega Glory.

Star Trek 11
  • Published: April 1975.
  • Cover artist: Eddie Jones, signed as S. Fantoni.
  • Contents: What Are Little Girls Made Of?, The Squire of Gothos, Wink of an Eye, Bread and Circuses, Day of the Dove, Plato's Stepchildren.

Star Trek 12
  • Published: Novemeber 1977.
  • Cover artist: Eddie Jones
  • Contents: Patterns of Force, The Gamesters of Triskelion, And the Children Shall Lead, The Corbomite Maneuver, Shore Leave.
  • ISBN 0-553-11382-8


  1. I have Star Trek, 1967. First edition, as above. absolutely mint. not even a crease in the cover :)

  2. To the next closest star and out beyond...May 11, 2013 at 2:58 PM

    I also had Star Trek 1967 found in a used book store in the late-90's. It was in very good condition. The back cover listed Kirk, Spock, and Rand as "The Big Three" of the show.

    It was thrown out along with treasured CDs, old collectible magazines, comic books, trading cards, and even a cabinet filled with DVDs when my parents moved out of their old homes into their new ones a few years back.

    That's what happens when you get married and move out.

    Star Trek is in your heart and mind, man.

    That's what really counts the most. :)

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