Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Intel: To Boldly Go

Intel's To Boldly Go website was a promotional site for the 2009 Star Trek movie, it described itself as the "forward staging platform" at the Starfleet shipyard building the Constitution-class USS Enterprise. Upon entering the site the viewer could see several screens to the right, these included a link to a competition, and a link to the Starfleet Academy Archive, giving specifications on the USS Kelvin. Other screens in the bank were filled with static, presumably to include addition links to new features, however no such features ever appeared.
  • Original website: https://boldlygo.intel.com/
  • Launched: July 2008
  • Last known update: November 2008
  • Last active: unknown, at least May 2009
  • Memory Beta coverage

Kelvin views - a 3D model of the Kelvin which could be rotated to examine from various angles.
Kelvin specs - while exploring the ships certain areas could be clicked on for further information:

"The Bridge"

"Phaser Turrets"

"The Kelvin’s phaser turrets can either fire bolts of high concentrated energy, or beams of less power to slice through the shield or hull of an attacking vessel. Plasma is passed to a phaser emitter resulting in a discharge of nadion particles"


"The Kelvin has a single warp nacelle housing the ship's warp drive engine. Two rows of massive semi-circular warp-field coils produce a powerful subspace field that bends space around the ship, allowing for faster than light travel."

"Impulse Engine"

"The USS Kelvin employs massive engines at sublight speeds. Full impulse power is approximately one-quarter of the speed of light, suitable for traveling within a single star system. Its four deuterium fusion reactors power the impulse engines."

"Navigational Deflector"

"Hangar Bay"

Information appeal

This archive is incomplete, if you any of the following, or anything else that can expand this record, please contact me:

  • Text from the Hangar Bay and Navigational Deflector.
  • Additional views of the Kelvin model.
  • Screencaps of the opening page and animation.

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